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Sherman Ragland

Sherman L. Ragland, II is an American author, Entrepreneur and leading Real Estate Teacher. Sherman is the founder and CEO of RealInvestors, which manages for-profit adult education centers specializing in teaching individuals how to successfully invest in real estate. Several classes lead to careers, certification and qualify for continuing education (CE) credit for real estate professionals. In 2012, Inc. Magazine contained an article about Sherman and his real estate school, The RealInvestors Academy, in which Sherman was cited as “America’s Real Estate Mentor.”

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Jesse Marks

Realtor; Level-5 Realinvestor | Master Certified Negotiation Expert | Certified Distressed Property Expert | Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist | Certified Professional Real Estate Investment Advisor | Certified Investor Agent Specialist | Residential Construction Certified | Broker Price Opinion Resource | ResNet REO Certified Agent | 203K Specialist

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"21-Days to Real Estate Riches!"

The flagship course designed to teach individuals with little to no real estate (or business) background how to get started in real estate by following proven principles for learning that are used by some of the top schools in the state of Maryland and the United States. 

In this all *new* 100% digital course,

You will have the opportunity to follow a proven step-by-step system for getting started in the real estate investment business, understand exactly how money is made in real estate, and learn exactly what you need to do to get your very first deal done in as little as 21-Days. 

Best of all, 

This program teaches you exactly what you need to do to "put this first phase of your business on auto-pilot" so you can transition or pivot into other (more) lucrative areas of real estate investing, after getting your first deal done.

I remember my very first check like it was (just) yesterday! It was for $5,500. As soon as I got it I walked into the house and handed it to my wife. She took one look and we both knew in an instant that despite the financial turmoil we were going through at the time in our lives, that everything was going to be alright.
That first check led to many more. Coming almost like clockwork, every single month I remember those first few checks The excitement... and the relief that I could finally start paying my bills once again.
...but I wish you could have been there a year later when I handed her a check for $47,525.85. "Life-Changing Money" is the only phrase I can use to describe it! One deal, one check - we knew life would never be the same!
That was almost 20-years ago, and 'Quick Cash' Deals led to "Flipping Houses" which lead to massive amounts of cash building up into my bank accounts and ultimately in investing in passive income-producing properties, including my very first apartment house. More importantly, as a result of getting that first deal done I learned a skill (doing deals) I could pass along to my children...
Getting past your first deal is the fastest way to get to bigger deals, including life-changing deals...
"Son, I'm so proud of you", was all he could say, over and over again and he kept saying it in front of my son, his grandson. I'll Never Forget the Look On My Dad's Face When I Showed Him My First Apartment House Deal! A day I'll never forget that day, even though it was almost ten years ago.
Like you, I've always had big dreams of being a full time real estate investor doing deals, big deals, but that can't happen until you get past your first deal!
Getting your first deal done is the quickest way to ensure you ultimately become the investor you always dreamed of becoming...

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this course 100% Digital?
    The original course was created in 2003, and updated to be 100% digital in 2021. It has over 1,500 success stories. Every day, 5-10 people sign up for the challenge 24 hours a day, nationwide. Everyday folks are starting this program on their own schedule.
  • Does this course come with live training?
    Every Wednesday and Friday I host 2-hour live mentoring sessions to answer questions, provide guidance, and help people implement this system. Yes, this program VERY MUCH comes with live training! This program is a combination of daily assignments delivered via email, live feedback (when you post your homework) and weekly live (pre-scheduled, same time, same day, every week) sessions with me.
  • Is there a group so I can network with others?
    Yes, we have a private Facebook group where you will post your homework assignments, see questions others are asking, and network with fellow investors.

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